The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival


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Cape Breton University

Sydney, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
What programs are offered here?

Nested in the four-year, Bachelor of Arts Community Studies (BACS) degree, this program enriches your practical theatre skills while teaching you how to use theatre “outside the box.” Whether your aim is education, social change, or community enrichment, you’ll learn specialized Applied Theatre techniques and develop a portfolio of work that will support your goals. The BACS core includes community intervention and work-study courses, ensuring hands-on experiences and practical outcomes during your time in the program. 

This major can be completed in 4 years. 

Providing an intensive focus on theatrical skills, the Drama Minor helps you build expertise that can support your Major and your career aspirations, or
simply enrich your love of theatre. The Drama Minor fulfils a teachable for aspiring Educators, and can support future specialization in fields like Psychology and Sociology. You take any eight drama courses to complete a Drama minor in a four-year Bachelor of Arts, Arts Community Studies, or Science.

Focusing on plays written in different times and around the world, this program allows you to hone your knowledge of theatre history. Whether you’re looking for plays to produce or studying playwrighting tactics, you’ll appreciate the broad range of courses we offer, from Medieval Drama to contemporary Indigenous performance. 

This major can be completed in 4 years. 

Combining a range of drama and dramatic literature courses with a practicum, this certificate gives you a firm foundation in theatre and an opportunity to extend your skills in your chosen area through one-on-one mentorship during the practicum. Students in a four-year Bachelor of Arts, Arts Community Studies, or Science can earn the certificate through core courses and electives while they focus on other disciplines, or concurrently with the Drama minor or, for Arts Community Studies students, the Applied Theatre Major.

This certificate can be completed in 1 year and is intended to be taken concurrently with a degree.

"The community based projects in Applied Theatre have allowed me to network and build relationships through the arts. Theatre Arts is my passion and through this course I was able to see all of the ways in which I can use it to better my community. As a B.Ed student and drama teacher the skills that I learned in Applied Theatre were crucial to my education at CBU." - Holly Schaller, Drama Educator at the Highland Arts Theatre and in the Cape-Breton Regional Centre for Education
What kinds of classes could I take here?

This foundational course covers common theatrical terminology and introduces the range of technical disciplines involved in theatrical  production; it is the pre-requisite for technical theatre courses on stage-management, directing, and stagecraft.

– This course introduces various aspects of actor training, including movement, voice, improvisation and character analysis; It serves as the entry point for other performance courses, including a second acting course and courses on voice and movement.

This course familiarizes students with Applied Theatre techniques and contexts, providing opportunities for students to intervene on critical issues through theatre; it is the entry point for further study of improvisation and devising.

This course introduces the range of organizational structures that artist and small arts groups employ, discusses approaches to marketing and publicity in the arts, and familiarizes students with funding sources in Canada and with grant writing principles.

This capstone course allows students to work one-on-one with a faculty mentor on a project designed to hone their skills in a specific aspect of theatre.

"The Theatre Arts Certificate program holds a special place in my heart. CBU Theatre helped shape my acting, and my knowledge of theatre production. Classes were hands on, interactive and fun! You gain more than just theatre knowledge and experience - you gain lifelong friends and lasting memories! Working in politics (like I do now) is about working with and for people. You rely on having a cohesive, collaborative team who will always have your back. The theatre classes at CBU taught all of those things." - Allison Haley, Public Relations specialist on Parliament Hill
Want to get involved with theatre life on campus?

Check out the CBU Theatre Society, and learn more about the Boardmore Playhouse, the student/community theatre hub on campus!