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Canadian College of Performing Arts

Victoria, British Columbia
What programs are offered?

 Our two-year conservatory style program is designed to train students in acting, voice and dance. The technical training is complemented by maximized performance opportunities and career management courses, both starting in the first term, with direct links to opportunities in the theatre, recording and film industries.

The certificate program offers 31 weeks of intensive training in acting, singing, dance, and career management, customized for each student according to their previous experience and skill level. Applicants to this program require a special application, including references from industry professionals and/or successful completion of an undergraduate degree in a related field. 

In this 21-week intensive program, students develop and mount three separate productions as part of a theatrical collective. Students continue in dance classes, private and group voice studies, acting, and career management workshops, while being mentored by working professionals in all areas of production and design. This program is open to graduates of the Performing Arts Diploma and Performing Arts Certificate programs, with auditions occurring in early Spring.

"Long hours of the most challenging, fulfilling, satisfying work on your craft that I've ever experienced" - Natalie Glum
What kinds of classes can I take?

Students focus on exploring the actor’s process and the basic fundamentals that comprise it. As the year progresses, students will have the opportunity to apply foundational skills in a public sharing format amongst the student/faculty body and in a year end mainstage performance.

Students focus on applying the foundational
skills to performance in both theatre and film acting. Building on the foundational principles from Year One, the nature of Year Two is designed to challenge the student with advanced work in character and scene development, rehearsal and performance skills.

The Musical Theatre Style course is based on the choreographic styles created and performed in the contemporary musical theatre repertoire.

Students will be directed to sing in a variety of musical styles that pertain to singing in harmony in a performance ensemble.

The student will receive instruction on how to effectively create the illusion of real combat including: slap, punches, kicks, ear pull, hair pull and tosses.

"A safe space for you to be whatever you want with no judgement or fear… I am lucky to be surrounded by such loving people from all over the country and the world." - Tessa Thompson
Want to get involved with theatre life on campus?

Don’t worry! Students have the opportunity to participate in multiple productions as part of their education. 

As a conservatory-style program, your entire education here will be focused on your craft.