The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival


Presenting Partner

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Fountain School of Performing Arts,
Dalhousie University

Halifax, Nova Scotia
What programs are offered here?

The Acting Program at Dalhousie University is a dynamic and intensive professional actor training program. Offered as a four year BA with Honours, students audition for admission into the Acting Program.

Please refer to the FSPA website for more specific details on this program. 

The Costume Studies program is unique in North America, and offers a four-year BA with Honours in Theatre (Costume Studies). The program has a strong historical focus on both theatre and museum work, and stresses applied skills, along with research and academic skills.

Please refer to the FSPA website for more specific details on this program. 

This is an intensive 4 year BA that combines both practical and academic study. Students are exposed to all aspects of technical theatre including set and prop construction, lighting and sound design, stage management and set design.

Please refer to the FSPA website for more specific details on this program. 

 Theatre Studies explores the entire breadth of theatre. From playwriting to performance analysis, directing to dramaturgy, Theatre Studies offers you the opportunity to examine theatre’s rich history, literature, and performance traditions.

Please refer to the FSPA website for more specific details on this program. 

“The performing arts are a naturally competitive field, but at Dalhousie I always felt safe and supported,” she says. “I also had a lot of performance opportunities, which is arguably the most important aspect of a performing arts program.” Ellen Denny (BA'12)

What kinds of classes could I take here?

This course is designed to provide a background in the technical aspects of theatre and live performance by taking students behind the scenes to understand how a play is brought to life. The worlds of scenic design, scenic carpentry, props, sound, lighting, and stage management are explored in a lecture-based setting.

This course serves as an introduction to costume in its broadest context, enabling students to acquire a basic understanding of creating costume for the stage.

Introduction to Acting and Performance Classes are designed to provide the student with an understanding of what it is to act and communicate through words and movement.

This course is a practical exploration into the specifics of Jazz Dance technique, incorporating the use of space, rhythm, and correct body alignment, as well as flexibility and strength. Emphasis is on the development of personal expression through the medium of dance.

This course is part of the production component of the Stage Design and Technical Theatre Program. Students choose two areas of concentration (from scenic carpentry, props, lighting, sound, scenic painting, and stage management) and form the crew for all Fountain School stage productions.

Want to get involved with theatre life on campus?

Check out the Dalhousie Theatre Society and the King’s Theatrical Society (next-door to Dalhousie on the University of King’s College campus)