Object Revolution: The Radical Puppet

with Logan Robins

In Object Revolution: The Radical Puppet, students will be given a crash course through the history of fighting for change using theatre, puppets built for protest, and the power of the object. Through creative exercises and explorations in storytelling and object manipulation, students will be emboldened to use the objects that often control us to make powerful statements. By turning our phones, laptops, and tablets into puppets we can reassert our control over the narratives that get blasted towards us every day and explore the increasingly complicated relationship between human and object. The only supplies that will be required for this workshop are one ‘object’ per student. This object can be their personal cell phone, a computer, tablet OR something entirely different. At the heart of this workshop is an exploration of how we interact and identify with objects we hold closest to us in our lives.

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Logan (he/him) is a theatre creator based in Kjipuktuk/Halifax. He graduated from the Fountain School of Performing Arts with an honours BA in theatre and studied puppetry at the Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia. He is the co-founder and artistic director of The Unnatural Disaster Theatre Company, with whom he recently directed/produced the anthology play Forrest Town in collaboration with Shakespeare by the Sea and wrote/directed The Encounters of an Adventurous Snail, an original shadow-puppetry musical based upon the works of Federico García Lorca, at the Halifax Fringe Festival. He was also recently an assistant producer and collaborator on Settle Elsewhere, a devised character-mask show by Theatre du Poulet. Currently Logan works at Ross Creek Centre for the Arts and teaches drama on the weekends at Stagecoach Performing Arts school in Bedford. Collaborate with him, he’s a lot of fun. Follow him on Instagram: @loganrobins/@unnaturaldisastertheatre. View Logan’s profile.

  1. Students may remain at their desk throughout the workshop.

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Students stay seated throughout this workshop.