Introduction to SFX Makeup: Bruises, Scars, Burns and Cuts

with Emily Jewer

The workshop will cover the following five topics, fundamental to special effects makeup: 

Introduction to Tools and Materials

To start, Emily will do a quick introduction to the various tools she uses, including brushes, sponges, and spatulas, and the makeup she uses in each demonstration. She will also touch on proper hygiene when working with these tools on other people. 


Next, Emily will do a demonstration on how to apply bruising with cream based makeup. This will cover proper application techniques with sponges and cream makeup. She will show the students how to create different bruises depending on the age of the injury and discuss how bruises can differ depending on where they are on the body, such as the face vs. arms and legs. 


Students will learn how to create scars with collodion. This will cover various ways to apply the liquid to create different shapes and depths of scars. Then she will go over different ways to paint scars depending on the age of the scar. 


This section will focus on using liquid latex and cream based makeup to create realistic burns. Students will learn application techniques and how to create texture using latex. Then she will go over the painting techniques to create depth and colour in burns makeup. 


Finally, the last makeup look will cover creating cuts with scar wax, liquid latex, cream makeup and fake blood. Students will learn how to manipulate scar wax and how to apply liquid latex differently to create a smooth surface. She’ll demonstrate how to paint cuts to create more depth and how to apply fake blood for different uses like on clothing vs. edible blood.

All DramaFest workshops have limited availability. This workshop is not available on Fridays, or on April 19th, April 27th and April 28th. Availability is also limited due to bookings by other classes.

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Emily Jewer (she/they) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They studied visual arts at Mount Allision University and since gradutating have worked in a variety of artistic fields including theatre, film, visual arts, and designed as an actor, director, photographer, and artist. Emily has had an interest in special effects makeup since she was young and began to build on her skills in university while working in Mount A’s theatre department. They are a self taught makeup artist and have build up their skills through practical application and online classes and tutorials. For the last eight years Emily has frequently worked with Dalbouside Medical School helping to create and apply medical simulation makeup to replicate injuries and illnesses in workshops and exams for doctors and other health professionals. Emily loves to share her work and is excited to work with students to develop their skills and love of special effects makeup. View Emily’s profile.

  1. Students remain seated throughout this workshop.

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Students stay seated throughout this workshop.