The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival


Presenting Partner

Toronto Metropolitan University

Toronto, Ontario
What programs are offered?

The School of Performance Acting program is a four year, full-time BFA program, admitting students through audition and academic requirements. With a mix of small ensemble studio classes and academic classes, the programme offers rigorous training in classical and contemporary approaches for a solid grounding in all areas of performance. Each semester, students train in acting rudiments such as voice, movement, text, and creative performance development, along with classes in music, dance, acting for camera, stage combat, and mask, among others. The programme focuses on creative exploration and experiential learning in response to the constantly emerging world of arts and culture.

The 4-year BFA Dance Program in the School of Performance is the most intensive and comprehensive program of its kind in Canada and has earned widespread respect throughout the Canadian and international dance communities. This conservatory style environment offers rigorous daily professional training in four core dance disciplines (ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz) alongside direct collaboration with highly acclaimed visiting guest artists and major arts organizations. This core training is combined with classes in improvisation, composition, partnering, street dance styles, music, acting, film and extensive creative work. Beginning in second year, dancers participate in a series of fully produced performances, working closely with guest choreographers and students in the Performance Production+Design program.

A four year BFA program in the School of Performance, Performance Production + Design prides itself on the breadth and depth of offerings in Production Management, Creative technologies and Design Applications for live performance and entertainment. The programme provides students with leadership skills to develop, produce and manage theatre, dance, music and a wide range of live production as well as training in costume and scenery, lighting, projection, audio and more. Housed in the centre of the entertainment district in Toronto, the programme prepares graduates to work in design and production of large corporate events, live concert events and innumerable theatrical and dance settings. Post-Graduate programmes in Design, Business and Arts Administration can offer expanded opportunities.

The Acting/Dance Studies Minor is designed for students who are interested in areas of performance – acting and/or dance – and who desire the opportunity to explore these areas through the prescribed course work of a minor. There is no application/audition process for the minor, and courses are appropriate for students who have little or no performance experience as well as those with a significant background in either acting or dance. To complete the minor, students must achieve six credits in a combination of studio and lectured based courses, while completing a separate degree at Ryerson. 

“Our curriculum embraces a balance of theory and practice, studio training and live performance while encouraging the risks that are needed to develop creative and critical thinkers in the twenty-first century. The principal of collaboration is at the core of every class and production we offer.”  
-Caroline O’Brien, Chair of Performance at The Creative School, Toronto Metropolitan University

Actors take studio-based technique courses everyday, studying voice, movement, various acting styles, and perform in at least one presentation project per term.

Production students gain fundamental knowledge and skills in costuming, design, set building, lighting, sound, management, and administration, with opportunity to specialize in upper years.

This course introduces the student to the creating process and is designed to help each student to find a unique voice through exercises in self-expression and dramatic writing.

A survey of the history of theatre in Canada with an emphasis on landmark plays and the social and economic underpinnings of their production. 

A seminar course for a limited number of students who have special interest in directing, designing, writing and choreographing.

Want to get involved with theatre life on campus?

Check out Ryerson’s two extracurricular theatre societies: the X Musical Theatre Company and the X University Community Theatre.