The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

Directing & Leadership in Theatre

with Patricia Cerra

How do you bring a story from a script to the stage? Where do you start? How do you make it all happen? This workshop will discuss what it means to be a director, highlighting the role of the director, explaining what the directing process consists of and how directors work with a creative team. Patricia will also discuss the necessary leadership skills needed to create a production.

All DramaFest workshops have limited availability. This workshop is only available in the morning until 10:30am and is not available on April 21st, May 5th, or after May 9th. Availability may also be limited due to bookings by other classes.

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Patricia is an award winning artist with a multi-faceted career as a director, performer and arts educator. She has recently been recognized with the Sterling Award for Outstanding Performance in a Leading Role – Comedy. Her vast experience has taken her to theatres throughout Canada, where she has worked on over thirty productions. She worked at the Banff Playwrights Lab collaborating with national and international playwrights on over a dozen brand new works. She has taught residencies, completed 5 tours, and built summer drama camps structured around devised creation for young people. Patricia will be debuting her short children’s play as a part of the Sprouts Festival in 2021. Her work deeply values diversity, equity and inclusion as part of the ongoing conversation in theatre, art and our society. She strives to highlight its importance in her deep roots in the community as well as in her professional work. View Patricia’s profile.

  1. Students remain seated throughout this workshop.

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Students stay seated throughout this workshop.