The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

Find Your Inner Song

with Micaela Comeau

This workshop focuses mainly on lyric writing, however, Micaela will share melody-finding techniques as well. The session will begin by covering ways to break down narratives around creativity and work through writer’s block. The class will perform a series of writing exercises and improvisation games. The class will then move into a stream of consciousness writing exercise with a series of prompts to help get ideas out. These exercises can inspire lyric writing. With a focus on rhymes, rhythm and song structure, the class will share examples of different rhyming structures and name the parts of some of their favourite songs. The final section of the class will explore melody-finding techniques. We will use techniques such as word-painting, melody-revealing and accompaniment-supported melody writing. Students can work in groups or as individuals, based on their preferences.

All DramaFest workshops have limited availability. This workshop is only available on Thursdays before 3pm and all-day Fridays. Availability may also be limited due to bookings by other classes.

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Micaela Comeau, artist name Just Micci, is passionate about songwriting. They began writing children’s musicals 10 years ago and began producing them in their home town eight years ago since there were no theatre groups where they were from. Micaela was lucky enough to get to do musical theatre growing up and wanted to bring that opportunity to the kids in their community. Now Micaela has written 7 musicals and is working on their 8th. They recorded and produced one album, two Eps, and multiple singles and is now working on recording their first full-length French album. Micaela is currently hosting weekly songwriting circles for children in their community and has just finished running a songwriting March Break Camp. View Micaela’s profile.

  1. This workshop can be offered in French.
  2. Students remain seated throughout this workshop.
  3. This workshop may include group work.

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This workshop can be offered in French. 

Students stay seated throughout this workshop.

This workshop includes some group work.