The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

Micaela Comeau

Micaela Comeau, artist name Just Micci, is passionate about songwriting. They began writing children’s musicals 10 years ago and began producing them in their home town eight years ago since there were no theatre groups where they were from. Micaela was lucky enough to get to do musical theatre growing up and wanted to bring that opportunity to the kids in their community. Now Micaela has written 7 musicals and is working on their 8th. They recorded and produced one album, two Eps, and multiple singles and is now working on recording their first full-length French album. Micaela is currently hosting weekly songwriting circles for children in their community and has just finished running a songwriting March Break Camp.

Available workshop:

Please note: This workshop has limited availability and can only be booked for Thursdays before 3pm and all day Friday.