The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

Professional Make-Believing: An Intro to Competitive Improv

with Lucas Arab

Step out of the box and into the shoes of a professional make-believer as we begin to explore the world of competitive improv! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to… create a solid scene foundation, explore both zany and lifelike characters, and raise the stakes in your scenes. We will explore how the fundamentals of improv act as the glue that hold our scenes together, while also incorporating unique flair and style to shake things up! Competitive improv highlights both the laugh-out-loud comedic aspects of theatre, as well as the grounded and true stories of stage characters. Improv scenes present themselves in many different styles, genres, and settings; therefore, we will focus on creating an improviser’s toolbox so that you’re ready for whatever offer comes your way! You will emerge from this workshop as a professional make-believer, so that you have the proper tools next time you find yourself saying “yes, and!” on stage. Get prepared for this hour-long imaginative journey, but not too prepared, because after all it is improv!

All DramaFest Workshops have limited availability. This workshop is not available until April 26th. Availability may also be limited due to bookings by other classes.

  • Students will demonstrate personal growth through drama. 
  • Students will use drama to explore, formulate, and express ideas, perceptions, and feelings.
  • Students will be able to respond with critical awareness to their own work and to the work of others. 
  • Students will address problems and make decisions relating to their drama work. 

Lucas Arab is currently pursuing studies in the fields of Technical Theatre and Architecture at Dalhousie University. Lucas is a first year Technical Theatre Student at the Fountain School of Performing Arts, soon to apply to Dalhousie’s Architecture program. Lucas considers himself as a professional make-believer, in hopes of one day becoming a theatrical scenic designer and Walt Disney Imagineer. Lucas is passionate about both on and off stage, performing and non-performing experiences in the theatre. He incorporates his skills in improv, live performance, and design in his work and everyday life. Lucas has competed with the Canadian Improv Games at both the provincial and national levels, and captained his winning team at Halifax West High School. For the improv geeks, his favourite “event” is the Style Event, where he has done improv in remarkable styles such as a radio drama and animated short film! Lucas is currently leading as part of Neptune Theatre School, while assisting in social media and content creation for Neptune Theatre. View Lucas’ profile.

  1. This workshop can be offered in French. 
  2. This workshop is ideal for classrooms with space for students to move around. 
  3. This workshop is interactive and includes group work.

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Please note: Theatre Nova Scotia respectfully requests that schools and community groups ideally do not cancel workshops once they are booked, unless absolutely necessary. If a group must cancel or reschedule, please give us a week of prior notice. In these precarious days for arts workers, TNS is going to great lengths to provide schools with exceptional theatre education and local artists with paid work in our industry. Please be aware that artists may have turned down other paid work to accommodate these workshop bookings. Thank you for your understanding.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

This workshop can be offered in French. 

Ideal for classrooms with open space (6 feet per student)

This workshop includes some group work.