Scenic Painting Techniques

with Garrett Barker

This workshop will cover some of the basic and most commonly used painting techniques in scenic art. Following a brief discussion of general scenic design, students will watch as Garrett gets his hands dirty with paint, glue, sawdust, and other materials to create different types of woodgrain, stone, concrete, and finally marble on wooden (meranti) surfaces. The workshop will cover different application tools including different brushes, modified brushes, rollers, modified roller sleeves, air spray guns, wood grainers, rags, wood blocks, and, on occasion, bare hands.

All DramaFest workshops have limited availability. This workshop is not available April 26th-May 7th or May 17th-26th. Availability is also limited due to bookings by other classes.

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Garrett (he/him) was born into the V. Anne Barker school of performing arts where he studied with his mother, as well as appeared in annual musical theatre productions with the school. Through his teenage years, Garrett began to delve into stagecraft and the technical aspects of theatrical production. Garrett went to Dalhousie University where he studied sceneography under Peter Perina, with a focus on lighting and stage management. Garrett works currently as Neptune Theatre’s ATD throughout their regular seasons but, whenever possible, he works as a set, lighting and projection designer for a variety of companies including The Ship’s Co, Live Bait, Starvox, Mulgrave Road, Doppler Effect, and Eastern Front. Garrett has recieved three Robert Merritt awards for his work. View Garrett’s profile.

  1. Students remain seated throughout this workshop.

Please note: Theatre Nova Scotia respectfully requests that schools and community groups ideally do not cancel workshops once they are booked, unless absolutely necessary. If a group must cancel or reschedule, please give us a week of prior notice. In these precarious days for arts workers, TNS is going to great lengths to provide schools with exceptional theatre education and local artists with paid work in our industry. Please be aware that artists may have turned down other paid work to accommodate these workshop bookings. Thank you for your understanding.

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Students stay seated throughout this workshop.