The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

Improv Workshop: Think Fun? Think Fast!

with Colleen Naomi

Improv is about having fun, expressing artistic impulses, and laughing together. This workshop is designed to be a safe space where you can be creative and silly while learning essential performance skills! The only hard and fast rule in this workshop is respect. Everything else is about creative explorations and fun.

With groups of 20 students, we will do activities that everyone can participate in at the same time. All the students will have the opportunity to benefit from the experience of improv and thinking fast!

Improv has so many benefits! For those acting in plays, we know that things don’t always go as planned and sometimes we have to “Think Fast”. For those who want to perform improv, the more you practice the more comfortable you become. For those who just want to have fun and a good laugh – look no further!

Here are a few of the fantastic abilities that we gain through theatre improv:

  • Public speaking
  • Self-esteem & confidence
  • Personal development
  • Heightened awareness of self and others
  • Teamwork
  • Artistic expression
  • Excitement and fun
  • Listening skills
  • Collaboration

All DramaFest workshops have limited availability. This workshop is not available on Wednesdays and Friday mornings. Availability may also be limited due to bookings by other classes.

Learning outcomes for Drama 10 and Drama 11: 

  • Students will demonstrate personal growth through drama.
  • Students will use drama to explore, formulate, and express ideas, perceptions, and feelings.

Colleen Naomi has been involved in theatre for over 30 years, in British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Her early start in theatre, at the age of seven, launched a life-long love of the performing arts. In 2010 her focus became theatre with young people, offering theatre programs for children and youth in Nova Scotia. In addition to teaching theatre, she loves acting, directing and scriptwriting. She wrote and directed a play that toured Nova Scotia in 2015 and in 2019 she wrote and performed in a touring one-woman show. Colleen has been Artistic Director for South Shore Players since 2015 and loves being part of the community of theatre. Colleen lives in beautiful Lunenburg County with her children, her partner, his children, and seven adorable pets. View Colleen’s profile.

  1. This workshop is ideal for classrooms with space for students to move around. 
  2. This workshop is interactive and includes group work.

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Please note: Theatre Nova Scotia respectfully requests that schools and community groups ideally do not cancel workshops once they are booked, unless absolutely necessary. If a group must cancel or reschedule, please give us a week of prior notice. In these precarious days for arts workers, TNS is going to great lengths to provide schools with exceptional theatre education and local artists with paid work in our industry. Please be aware that artists may have turned down other paid work to accommodate these workshop bookings. Thank you for your understanding.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Ideal for classrooms with open space.

This workshop includes some group work.