The Nova Scotia High School Drama Festival

(Your Name) In Lights!

with Margaret Muriel Legere

What you’ll need: A memory, a dream (for the future), or an object (or the memory of an object), writing device (paper & pen, computer, phone), a desire to tell your story, help someone else tell a story, or make one up! We will use a memory, a dream (for the future) or an object as our first step toward your very own one-person show! Through a crash-course series of fun writing and creation exercises, we will each build a short script, and discover at least one unique (and safe) way it could be staged. This workshop can be adapted to work as a one-hour crash course, or as a series of 3 – 6 workshops with a digital performance at the end (in the case of 6 workshops). Students who wish to work in groups will be guided through the challenging and rewarding process of sharing ideas and coming to consensus quickly. Students who work alone will be guided through the challenge and rewarding process of trusting their own voice, while examining their perspective, asking questions like “what will this say to someone who isn’t me?” At the end of the workshop, students will not only have the outline/beginning of their very own one-person-show, they will also have developed skills to look at and communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas. This playful, empowering process will be fun, challenging and rewarding!

All DramaFest Workshops have limited availability and may be limited due to bookings by other classes.


  • Students will demonstrate personal growth through drama. 
  • Students will use drama to explore, formulate, and express ideas, perceptions, and feelings. 
  • Students will be able to respond with critical awareness to their own work and to the work of others. 
  • Students will address problems and make decisions relating to their drama work.  

Margaret Muriel Legere (she/her) is an artist from Kjipuktuk. She holds a BA with honours in Acting from Dalhousie and an MFA in Directing from York University. Margaret is a dramaturge, writer, actor, director, producer and teacher. She has worked with many theatre companies including Shakespeare by the Sea, Two Planks and a Passion, Ship’s Company Theatre, Live Bait Theatre, DaPoPo Theatre, WorkHouse Theatre, Under the Umbrella Collective and Doppler Effect Productions. Margaret co-founded LTNP where she oversaw and helped to create and produce three original plays and a book of works by Halifax artists. She served as a Vice-Chair of the board of directors for the Bus Stop Theatre Cooperative from 2014 – 2016. Margaret was co-artistic director of Forerunner Playwrights’ Theatre from 2015 – 2018 where her first one-act play, Leaves of the Virgin Mary, was produced. Currently Margaret is working on her first film, Quietly. Visit Margaret’s profile here.

  1. This workshop can be offered as a multi-part series by request.
  2. Students remain seated throughout this workshop.
  3. This workshop can include take-home work. 
  4. This workshop can include group work if preferred.

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This workshop can be offered as a multi-part series by request.

Students stay seated throughout this workshop.

This workshop can include take-home work.

This workshop can include some group work if preferred.